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Senior social media strategist | marketing communication | public speaker | innovator | connector | MarketingSync | music & culture marketing | author | green energy | initiator & energizer

About me


Marketing Sync is not a thing, nor a trend. It’s a state of mind. A state of mind your organization needs today. Whether you realize it, or not.

Christian Fictoor
experience in online communication and innovation since 1996

What I do:
(Social media) marketing strategy | music & culture marketing | business innovation | public speaker | (live)blogger | author | coach, consult & train | co-founder | founder Social Media 4 Events | create exciting new concepts

My personality:
Curious | creative | energetic | ‘people-person’

Things I love besides my work:
Scuba diving | sailing | traveling | arts & culture | music

You can book me for:
– keynote speaking, panel discussions, workshops & training
– marketing projects (strategy, innovation)
– innovating your business & marketing/communication
– music & culture marketing challenges
– sparring & brainstorm partner
– event production
– (live) blogging
– radio/tv/media projects

Darwin: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

This quote has always driven me. I am an innovator at heart and believe strongly that the only way for organizations to survive in the ever changing business ecosystem is to adapt. They must get ‘In Sync’ with this new reality.

Through my work within different companies, and Social Media 4 Events I help organizations to better understand what has changed, what they can do to respond to this and discover the new business opportunities to grow (again). Me and the brilliant folks I work with love to help you realize your marketing / sales / growth goals!

I love to strategize with clients. Together we discover new out-of-the-box opportunities/solutions and optimize efficiency/ROI of marketing, communication and PR in the omni-channel reality we live in today. With 20 years of hands on experience in almost all fields that are relevant to effective omni-channel / cross media marketing(communication) and sales I don’t believe in 200 page reports. NO! I help you to define clear strategies that focus on creating tangible results to help reach your goals.

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